Starla Records

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The DT6 "Don't Doubt Me"

The DT6 "Don't Doubt Me"

I’m a vinyl junkie and I came across this new, vinyl only record label on the blog ‘flea market funk’. I dug what I read and heard, so I sent an e-mail to Starla Records and requested an interview with someone from the label. Craig Reece, the label manager wrote back and I had a great chat with him. He was kind enough to record his end of the conversation and ftp’d the file to me. Thanks Craig! And to everyone reading this, please support your local record store and independent record labels!

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4 Comments on “Starla Records”

  1. thanks for the shout out! cheers!

    • April Peavey Says:

      Hey there and back at ya! It’s thanks to you that I first heard about the label.
      BTW – I have your blog as one of my fav links and I’ve purchased other 45s based on your recommendation.
      Also, I also provided a ‘listen here’ link on my blog, so you and others can now listen to the piece that aired.
      Thanks again and I love your blog! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi April. It’s Melanie Cochane again! I’ve been in Ireland four years now. About vinyl. Well, first thing… We are hearing that all the 2nd hand record shops are closing in Boston and in Cambridge, etc.. Wrapping this up, Once upon a time in Deluxbury there was an older lady standing on her lawn looking over the bits and pieces she was selling on a blanket on her lawn (a garage sale) she had a bevy of fab vinyl. when my sister gasped the lady casually replied ‘yeah, they belong to my son. he’s away at college now. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me selling them..) is that a brilliant story. Brilliant!!! (My good sister got me the Rocky Horror vinyl with Tim Curry’s Magenta on both sides.)

    • April Peavey Says:

      Hey Melanie –

      Good to hear from you and I’m happy to report there are still some second hand record stores still around in Boston/Cambridge. And Newbury Comics is stocking up on vinyl again – it’s right in the front of their store.

      Re: the Indendance Day. Yes, please send me a press release and any other info. My work e-mail is :
      I’ll look it over and may pass it on to another producer.

      I’ll be in touch.


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